small diameter 5 micron filter such as Ametek, American Plumber, GE, Pollenex, and WaterPik. Description. 25 micron filter that removes particulate impurities and rust from drinking water. Features AP8112 replacement filter cartridge with 1 micron provides high quality water by reducing sediments, organic matter, taste & odour, dirt and rust and protection from Cryptosporidium and Giardia at flow rates up to 6 lpm Replacement cartridge for AP8000 Water filter sustem Quick Change filter cartridge as easy as changing a light globe with composite carbon block media rated at1 micron (nominal) Reduces sediment, offensive taste … accurate shipping estimates, product availability info, FREE Standard Ground Shipping on Orders over $49, Water Filtration Replacement Cartridge Whole House, See complete Promotional Terms and Conditions, Covered under Aqua-Pure's 1-year limited warranty for defects in material and manufacturing, Can be installed in various filter housings, For use in commercial applications or homes with large water usage, Maximum Attainable Flow Rate: 45 GPM (gallons-per-minute). It has a 25% longer life as compared to the previous formulation. This product is not. 3M™ Aqua-Pure™ AP8112 Water Filter Cartridge Undersink Filtration System Carbon Block with Sediment Filter Reduces sediment and chlorine taste and odor. The cartridge utilises activated carbon to remove the chlorine and improve the taste and odour of your drinking water. As you can understand in this turbulent time, some products may take up to an additional 2-3 days. 11 Cartridges & Membranes Carbon Cartridges Micron A112-SQC 1 Carbon cartridge cost-effective alternative to the Aqua-Pure AP8112 without sacrificing quality. Turn slowly. The Aqua-Pure AP811-2 cartridges are large diameter graded density cartridges that provide both a rigid construction that prevents collapse under all water pressure conditions, and a porous cylinder that traps all materials efficiently without affecting water flow.Specifications: Reduces: Medium dirt/rust sediment Flow The rigid poly-spun construction effectively removes dirt, rust and sediment with impressive flow rates of up to 40 gallons per minute. Filtered water may be used for drinking, cooking, food preparation, babies, pets, aquariums, ice cubes and steam irons and any application where you use water. Access this product information directly from your mobile device, or share the product with someone else by sending it in a text message. it has a flow rate of 45-60 gpm (170.3 lpm - 227.1 lpm). AquaPure AP811-2 by 3M Purification ® #55779-09 aka Aqua-Pure or Aqua Pure - Large Diameter 25 Micron 20 Inch Sediment Filter. Reduces: sediment, giardia, crypto, cysts, chlorine, hair, dirt, rust, offensive taste and odour. It removes particulate impurities and rust from drinking water. To edit your subscription preferences, login to your accountand go to Account Details. For an alternative, we recommend the SDG-45-2025, which shares performance and specifications with the AP811-2! Cannot be combined with any other offer or special quotes. The patent pending technology provides fine sediment filtration down to 5 micron. If you do not receive the coupon soon, check your spam folder. it has a flow rate of 45-60 gpm (170.3 lpm - 227.1 lpm). 1 micron carbon block, rated for sediment, dirt, rust, Chlorine, Chemical, bad taste, Odour, giardia, cryptosporidium, cyst reduction. Add to cart. All faucets sold within the United States must be low lead compliant. Replacement Cartridge for AP8000 Undersink Water Filter System: Protects from Giardia, Cyst and Cryptosporidium; Save time with effortless, automatic reorders, Select delivery schedule that works for you, Cancel or change your subscription anytime. Aqua-Pure AP811-2 Whole House Filter Cartridge fits AP802 Large Diameter Housing <
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