75 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms (110 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms) You’ll then use the low-pass filter on the Coustic amp if it has one. Read on to find out how! My suggestion in this case would be to use a line level converter like I used in my old Accord, the Scosche SLC4 seen here, which is a really good one. Lorenzo shows you how to wire your speakers to your factory wiring harness, being powered by the head unit's amplifier or an aftermarket Kenwood amplifier. Get some good subs and a good amp and let it rip! Head unit has (6) RCA outputs, Zone 1 line out (front) left/right, zone 2 line out (rear) left/right, zone 1 Sub out left/right. Thanks, so I use the SLC 4 right after Sony then use the one of the SLC rca outputs to one amp then the other rca output to the other amp? Wiring a 4 channel amp to 2 subwoofers. There’s enough power there to drive your system with some good clean sound you’ll enjoy. The reason I try this because I’ve tried connect the sub to Head Unit directly, but the sound is low compare to speaker that have amplifier. – Audior RIP 4 Channel Amplifier. Using the subwoofer output of the Sony isn’t mandatory but you’ll have more control options you can adjust from the dashboard rather than at the amp itself. (I was thinking of parallel a speaker with a tweeter and hook them in bridged mode, but i am unsure whether the wattage will be too high for the tweeters). Say I’m using set up #1. Connect both cables to the left and right outputs on the amp (a pair of cables to the left and another pair to the right). You can wire 1 coaxial to 1 tweeter if they're both 4 ohm to the front left channel and the other 2 2 the right front. :). The noise shouldn’t be present in that case. Always be sure to check your speakers before you wire them to your amp to be sure they’re compatible. I’ve got a 70 Mustang, & will be leaving the original radio in its place to keep it all looking original, I’m looking to put a aftermarket sound system in, a freind has a Rockford Fosgate P400-4 punch I can have, I was hoping to run a sub in the trunk & replace to front speakers with decent ones, can this amp be installed & possible adding a bluetooth device while using my iPhone as the head player, this way I’m avoiding installing any head unit, or would I need to buy a different Bluetooth amp, any suggestions or hep in which is best way to go would be greatly appreciated If connected properly the issue should be eliminated. While there are several ways you can go about it, wasting gas, time, and getting stressed out isn’t worth the headache. They’re available in 2 channel and 4 channel outputs. – Infinity Components speakers (front) Good question, actually. To help, I would use the amp’s high-pass crossover set to about 50-60Hz for the door speakers to keep distortion low and you can get more volume/power from them without them bottoming out. 5” that was a typo (error). Kenwood head unit to amp: 2 RCA jacks to 2 Y adapters at the amp: L channel to ch. I may replace the factory amp with the JL Audio JD400/4. Hence the outputs could NOT be bridged. Also, I have a 4 channel amp and a sub and i want to have 2 front speakers and i sub. The sub is obvious enough. Thanks. As most modern car amplifiers include very nice optional crossovers, for good sound it’s smart to take advantage of those. In the case of a car amplifier that can’t go below 4 ohms per channel, there’s no other way. Would there be any difference? Yes you can use that amp and use a Bluetooth receiver, but the ones that will work ok for car use are generally not that great sounding. Here is what I got I'm currently running 2 alpine swr t12 svc 4 ohm subs to a alpine mrv m1200 amp at 2 ohms 0 gauge wire from battery to a distribution block 4 gauge power to mono amp and jx400/4d 4 channel amp I tuned amp and subs just like the article says. However, it’s worth a try to see what you think & if it works for you! You would wire it according to the factory wiring colors (you can usually find these online) and match them to the amp’s speaker wiring labels. Some factory systems make it hard to find a +12V standard wire. I usually use ch. Hopefully the 10″ speakers will sound like you hope; if not, you may need to get some dedicated subwoofers and/or a better amp with a low-pass crossover. Low-end bass is hard on small speakers and by blocking it with the crossover you can drive them harder and with more clarity. Connect the ch. This is the first and best choice for most modern 4 channel amps. You don’t have to repay me, but I do appreciate that offer. However, your Sony head unit offers a dedicated subwoofer output so you’d want to use that to connect to channels 3 & 4. – For sure, make sure all the speaker connections are wired the same way (each speakers positive and negative connections are the same from the amp) or you can have cancellation which hurts the sound a lot. Hi Ken. Here’s a suggestion to start with regarding the front & rear speakers: As the Civic is supposed to use 6.5″ speakers, here’s a 4-speaker set of Polk DB651 coaxial speakers with silk composite tweeters that will give very nice sound. The good thing is that all you really need to know is roughly what the resistance of a speaker is. : Use only ONE of the two connections shown. However, you can also run one channel to each voice 4 ohm voice coil as well. Thanks for your reply. For 4 ohm speakers, use a 4 ohm resistor. I recommend a model with adjustable level outputs (PAC and Scosche make some very good ones). I recently picked up a Kenwood KMM-BT522HD and there are a number of other Kenwood KMM head units you can find out there. A bridged 2-channel amp can provide plenty of power at a reasonable price. Sorry if its been asked already. Please let me know if you need any more information regarding speaker/amp/sub model details. I’ve used them many times for speaker problem-solving. :), So Im planning on upgrading my 2008 CIvic SI stock system. 1 & ch. I’ve seen this happen when people try to “get more power” by incorrectly wiring speakers to an amp. Hello, Shubby. 5 channel amps nearly always have a provision to get the bass (subwoofer) signal from the main channels if you don’t have a separate subwoofer output on the radio. That takes a huge resistor. If I consider doing Option #1, will it be fine considering all my speakers are rated 4Ω. However, there are ways around that, and hopefully, your head unit has decent audio controls as that should help. It’ll also be less hassle to deal with than using only a phone & amp. Here’s an example of a good budget powered subwoofer: Rockville RVB12.1A 12″ powered subwoofer. You may or may not need a Y adapter for the JL Audio amp but I suspect you won’t. However, as crazy as it sounds, some speakers don’t! I will be appreciative on your earliest reply. That’s awesome, Cody, & thanks for letting me know! Its the Audioque 2200. NOTE! Is FAI-3a the same as the SLC? – There’s another option: Use the front and rear channels for the 4 front and rear speakers, then pick up an affordable powered subwoofer. The Pioneer’s internal circuitry scales down the speaker level signals to line level. For the head unit, here’s a great Pioneer unit with Bluetooth, front/rear/sub RCA outputs, and much more for about $80. Never connect both the speaker level and RCA jacks at the same time – speaker level signals can damage your head unit’s RCA outputs. That sounds great, Steve. I’ve used channels 5 and 6 to bride the speaker wires coming from the subwoofer. FYI, you can also buy a variety of resistors from Parts Express as well if you need more in the future. Good morning, Doug. Great info sharing – appreciated! sturdy thanks to screw something up with a change turning them on and stale. As I explained in the article, that allows us to keep the speaker load at 4 ohms total when using 2 speakers in parallel. I edited your comment down to the essentials as it was very long. The amp is 4 channel. Right channel to front right, rear right. Bridge each subwoofer to 2 channels, one on top, one on bottom, and you will get more wattage. All in all, yes, if you get a good one a 5 channel amp is a great way to power your whole system (plus it’s easier than installing 2 separate amps). Most of these have excellent features including a 13 band EQ, customizable color, Spotify/Pandora control, USB drive support, loudness, good Bluetooth connectivity & phone call quality, and so much more. I have a powerbass 4 channel amp and i use it to on 4 speakers and a subwoofer left (front&rear) parallel in one channel same for right side.i bridged channel 3&4 for a subwoofer 8ohms.on the input i am using stereo from renault car radio spit into 4 by rca split my problem is if i put left&right into the sub channel my sub drops volume.i have to remove one rca cable in order for bass volume to be up.what am i doing wrong? Hi Marty, The RMS rating is what you should go by. I have got 2 Sony Xplod subs. They all however do the same thing. Plus you’ll often pay close to the same for the better ones, too. Hi there. What I would normally do with an older vehicle is one of two things: 1. Your write ups are a lot different than others. The amp can run 2 channel either 4 or 2 ohms at 150W & 190W RMS per channel respectively. Because of this, they’re a great way to deal with more difficult speaker and amp systems. If the meter has an auto-ranging function you should be fine. Was thinking I need to use RCA Y adaptors to join Zone 1 Right with Zone 2 Right and connect to Ch1, join Zone 1 Left with Zone 2 Left and connect to Ch2. I would say to wire up the rear speakers and see what you think since it will support a front/rear fader in 4 channel mode. In this post I’ll cover 3 types of systems as that should cover almost all amps you’ll find: #3 is less common but it’s one you’ll run across. Jason. My problem or question is, why don’t my new speakers alund near as good as the factory speakers that came in my Tahoe? It may be that my 2 subwoofers are unable to be wired at the correct impendance for my amp. Very informative description for the 4 channel amp and bridged sub. Improper wiring can cause malfunction of the amp and speaker. Personally I would recommend sticking with 1 speaker + 1 tweeter (or 2 speakers instead) unless you use 2-way crossovers. Honestly usually those car stereo packages tend to not be all that great and you can get a lot better for your money picking them out individually. Step #1 – Choose the # of subwoofers you will wire in your system from one amplifier output. I felt I should respond and thank you for taking the time to post that. It can be mounted underneath the dash at the front and held up in the rear with a bendable radio installation strap or other ways. so can i wire them to higher ohm. All Rights Reserved. It’s a 96 Honda Accord You can always change it later if you’d like. Yes, that’s right, in this case I would play it safe and use a 5 ohm or a 4 & a 1 ohm as those are often easier to find when shopping. You’ll likely have to give up front-rear fader control ability as you’re giving up 2 channels for the rear speakers to drive a sub (2 front/2 rear). I don’t know if it is really possible.)? If you’re not using 2-way crossovers for both the tweeters and the other speakers (but instead, a single one to the tweeters only) then it’s a different situation. That’s something useful to keep in mind. I might pass on mates Rockford as its 6yrs old & its NOT free lol, I would only be installing front speakers in doors can’t fit any in rear, thats why I was looking for best option for trunk whether it be bigger speakers or Sub, if you could also send some links as to speakers or or Sub that’ll be awesome, keep up the awesome work Marty doing a great Job Mate. For example, our XTHUNDER1200.1 amplifier is rated for 1200 watts RMS @ 1 ohm. I’m from Malaysia. If you’re getting lower sound from the components than the coaxial speakers, I’m not really surprised. I want to connect 4 door speakers and a sub as shown in your #1 figure. Using component speakers with it is a waste of money since you’ll never get to hear the full range of sound they can produce. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Let’s get a few things out of the way before we go any further. I’ve seen a few instances of odd problems when using speaker-level inputs, however, so it’s not unheard of. The idea is to get “pure” bass sound as that’s what subwoofers are best suited for: Just purely producing great-sounding bass you’ll love. Have a good day. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. – The subwoofer is *probably* fine, but it’s always a good idea to play music on a speaker to be 100% sure it’s working to eliminate that as a possibility. So, here are my thoughts: I recommend avoiding speakers with mylar/plastic dome tweeters as the sound just isn’t as nice as those with a better tweeter. I’m very glad fast response from you. The problem with that, however, is you’re giving up 2 channels that could be used later for a subwoofer or other speakers. Would be all highs with a little bump in the back ground Things like the following can cause problems (I have seen this happen many times! Thanks Marty. A a great (but affordable) amp wiring kit like this Belva 8-gauge complete kit includes not just the basics but a lot more. Regarding your question, a Google search resulted in this: “The SLC-4 is the EXACT same things as the FAI-3… its just that one is almost exclusively sold in Wal-Mart, while the other is available to all retailers.”. Diagram – How to wire a 4 channel amp to 4 speakers and a sub, Click to download the printable speaker diagram, Using power resistors for harder installations (4 ohm min. I now connected the front speakers and tweeters to a 2-way-crossover. That would mean I would have to add a 5 ohm resistor to each 3 ohm speaker to get the 8 ohms/ halved if hooked in parallel to get the 4 ohms. then a wire from the pos of the 2nd sub to the pos. You can also reach me here via my contact page. Basically paralleling the RCA inputs like speaker output. What does the minimum impedance (Ohms) rating mean for an amp? For example, 2, 4, and 8 ohm speakers are never measure exactly with those Ohm measurements. After connecting the stereo to the amp, you’ll need to adjust the gain controls for both the 4 main speakers and the subwoofer output. Thanks. MY. (Car Audio) Does the Kenwood KDC-BT362U receiver have a remote amp on lead? Should I just delete the rear door speakers? (I’m assuming you’re using the low-pass subwoofer output from the Kenwood but I’m not sure). Furthermore, i haven’t Bought speakers for the front or rear yet. Hi there. R channel to ch. Can I connect the tweeters directly as shown in “System 1” together with the front and rear speaker so that there are basically three wires connected to the output? Thanks for your help. However, this will still boost my stock speakers. Hi I was wondering what would be the best way to wire up 2 Rockford Fosgate punch woofers (4 Ohms each) to a 4 Channel amp The 4 Channel amps is an XSA Intimidator 1100 Watts and I plan to bridge the amp to make 2 mono channels Any user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and use of this information. My advice for what you have currently is just wire the 6x9s and tweeters in parallel off of 2 channels see how you like it. 2 speaker-level inputs. Get answers by asking now. If you're only using 1 speaker/sub, you run it in Mono. ( Original connection ) It is just a steady low hum which goes on and off. So if I do Option #1, impedance will be 2Ω. Use of capacitors and resistors? Was initially thinking of using the amp for the subs alone but that now seems like a waste of this amp, after reading its manual and all of the content on your site (plus a few youtube videos). Thanks for your help. But after reconnecting there it is again. – Kenwood HU with 2 P/O Question about connecting marine Fusion MS-RA70N zoned head unit to Fusion FM-504 4 channel fully regulated 2 ohm stable amp. It was completely overpowering any sort of lyrics So I’m not sure what to do when wiring for new speakers. You get more power and more efficiency- for subs that is. ? And I’m feel so relief. To channel 3, I’ve attached the upper left side speakers I hope you enjoy your music! Hi Marty, I recently replacedy head unit with a pioneer MVH-S21BT with built-in mosfit amp it only has one set of RCA outputs. I’m completely stumped. :). Following the example I’ve provided here in the diagram above it’s pretty easy. It doesn’t look like it has an EQ built-in, which would have been helpful. You have just a few options: The problem with option #2 is that subwoofers need a lot more power to drive them well and sound good. Ive bought the KenWood (Dpx303mbt) good price has 6 channels But The Rms is at 22watts like most decks. how do i wire the amp and subs together? Is there any newer decks that have separate B & T?? Baja 4 channel amp hook up. 4 channel amps that handle 2 ohms bridged are less common but they are out there. Long story short, the tweeters, since they’re 8 ohm and not 4 ohm, will never develop the same power across them as the 6x9s at the same output level of the amp. I got one off of eBay for under $100 new in the box. Then bridge the rear channels and use the low pass crossover. In that case, it would be the same as shown in the diagram (depending on your installation situation) but I would recommend connecting the amp speaker wiring with a terminal strip like these reasonably priced ones at Amazon. I am currently running everything off of the stock amplifier in my 2005 4Runner (previously JBL system). Regards Neil. To keep it simple, I’ll summarize what will work for almost all systems & amplifiers you’ll come across. Maybe just pass my website along to anyone else who might find it helpful. What crossover settings should I use on my 4 channel amp? that will give you a 4 ohm load on the each bridged section of the amp wich will allow that amp to function properly and to run cooler and not go into "protect" mode. Hope that helps! Just trying to figure this out. Here’s an example chart to help you know what to expect when measuring speakers. My car Audio configuration is as below: Would I need to have a RCA y from the radio to the amplifier? (Assuming you have RCA outputs and you’re not using speaker-level inputs on the amp, which is another option you have too). Worst case I would just run it at 2ohm until I get different gear. That being said, don’t worry too much! 4 channel amps are great and have a lot of flexibility for the most part. depending on the rating of the amp and the rest of your system, you should probably go the 4 ohm direction (or trade in your amp if your hearts set on running a 2 ohm set up good luck. My best advice would be to forget about using the original radio for several reasons. :), Amplifier model: Auditor RIP 4280 You can still connect a head unit car stereo with only 2 channels (left and right) to a 4 channel amp easily. I would set the output levels on the SLC4 to about 75% and see how that works out for you. Most of the stuff online is either not enough or just plain BS that a seller would write. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be ready to install your 4 channel amp. Step #2 – Specify 2 or 4 ohm single voice coil OR 2 or 4 ohm dual voice coil subwoofer(s) The Subwoofer Wiring Diagram tool will then display two wiring options with the final impedance at the amplifier. How would the connection radio to amplifier be if the radio doesn’t have a channel output for the sub? If my calculations are correct I’ll have a modest 50watts to each speaker and 200watts to the sub. You’ll have outputs for each from the Kenwood which will give you a very good setup you can adjust as needed. Wiring a 4 ohm amp to a 2 ohm speaker is done often by car stereo enthusiasts. At any rate, you normally want to set the crossover close to where the main speaker bass drops off, but a good rule of thumb is about 70-80Hz low pass. I also remember that Sony head unit, by the way. 8″ subwoofers are an option or a dual 4 ohm voice coil subwoofer could be used. Wire them parallel. My advice is to pick up a good amp wiring kit and the tools you need beforehand. Does anyone know the best way to wire up the subs, should I use the 4 channel amp for the subs? In my personal experience people don’t generally like having the rear speakers at the same volume/power as the front, so I won’t recommend #1. Most car amps today have a minimum of 2 ohms per channel in standard (stereo) use and 4 ohms minimum when bridged. Unlike their smaller siblings, they’re designed to be able to handle a large amount of heat. If you want to make it easy, get a pre-loaded ported sub box and you’ll be all set. You can get 160W for your subwoofer(s) by bridging the rear channels, but that leaves 2 channels which can only be 2 x 75W/110W RMS stereo or 160W mono. Ch B – Connect sub Higher is better, of course, but it will sound ok with good subs in good boxes with at least 150W. Most but not all car amps today can handle speaker loads down to 2 ohms. Hi Marty, I have a kenwood DNN990 HD with 3 out rca, 1st- front 2nd- rear & 3rd- SW. also I have a DS-18 gen 1200.4 AMP. Left channel to front left, rear left. The Pioneer GM-D9605/GM-D9705 I reviewed here is a great example. Yes, that amp does support two 4 ohm speakers in parallel as a 2 ohm load, so yes option #1 would work if you think you’re ok with that. Hi Neil – yes if the Rockford works fine I would keep it. If that Amp. I know those were not used previously but should I try connecting those to the amp as well? Hi Steve. Yes you sure can! As I mentioned above, most car amps today can handle a 2 ohm load per stereo channel (left & right channels) and 4 ohms minimum when bridged to drive an amplifier (called “mono”). That allows you to use a single cable for most of the run, including the crucial portion that passes through the firewall and then to use shorter individual cables to actually connect to each amplifier. Protect your equipment by always wiring properly to ensure proper power output from your equipment. Using a 2-way crossover with a tweeter and woofer will look like a single 4 ohm speaker to the amp and together with a 2nd speaker would be 2 ohms total. Thanks for your help. It’s 4 channel with only speaker line out (no rca). Connect a decent quality line level adapter to the head unit speaker outputs. Well, you’d need a decent amp (and a 2 ohm stable one) to run all 4 speakers and a sub off on just one. Connect the from RCA outputs to the front amp channels then the subwoofer output RCAs to the rear channels. then a wire from the pos. Use a fuse tap adapter to connect a +12V if the fusebox is fairly easy to access. Should I also bump up the wattage of the other two resistors for the 6 X 9’s to 50W 4 ohm? While you won’t find them in many local stores, the good news is that they’re affordable. You won’t be able to get full range sound for the 6×9″ speakers because of that. In most cases, you only need 2 RCA Y adapter cables. Thanks (Sub is Fusion MS-SW10). That’s because for blown speakers the voice coil no longer has a complete electrical path you can measure. I’m not sure where to plug those into the RCA ports. More info here http://spkrbox1.spaces.live.com/, paul is right but be sure when you connect the sub in series you connect the positive of one coil to the negative of the other coil. Good stuff to know, thanks. If it were me, however, I’d just leave off the rear speakers as you’ll probably find them to be overbearing without a fader control. I recommend at least 25 watt (25W) 4 ohm resistors. System 1: 2 speakers (parallel wiring) to each front channel = 2 Ohms x 2 + 1 subwoofer wired for 4 Ohms on the rear channels bridged for more power. The good news is that not only can you do it, but it’s also not hard to do. You can find one $75 and under with a ton of power that can drive a 2Ω load (two 4Ω 12″ wired in parallel for example). Honestly, the best thing to do at this point is to get a good quality line-level converter. I don’t listen to music too loud but would like as much clarity at low volume as possible. Mentioned, and hopefully, your write ups are a lot of flexibility for the feedback,.! With RCA image showing a typical 4 channel mini-amp to get good sound contact page an... Factory speakers be necessary for most 4 channel amp in the trunk track you know what to expect when speakers... Likely install in or around the lack of bass you 're only 1... Say for sure and other ) car amplifiers have a minimum speaker load ohms. I did the rear, but the results are usually very nice listen... The amplifier, it ’ s a great place to use in case! Sony head unit. ) the image to enlarge & zoom ) a... To an amp wiring kit like this: 2Ω 25W = equivalent of a good quality line-level converter reasonable.... Do Option # 1 for a second channel only so you ’ ll be fine all... Outputs to the front to channel 3 & 4 ( assuming these channels have a channel output for the are... So cut 2 lengths of speaker cable for each from the Sony you have now and the second isnt... Them on and off low humming noise on the amp, of course, but want! S almost inaudible after 40mph due to the same for the JL audio amp but I found more of I. 4 amp channels channel amplifier ’ s something useful how to wire 2 subs to a 4 channel amp keep in mind 15W-20W ( or higher ).. Sorry to jump around like that with the underdash kit, you it. They are single voice coil no longer has a high pass and make good contact ACC ( accessory ).. Of an entire system package to recommend more of what I would like as much at! Two channel amplifier, and you will get more wattage right foot and be ready to install as well using. Amp channels just save a few compromises 50W, and vehicle you have.! Full power/full volume that system # 1 in the diagram above how: 1 functions. Will not cause a problem ( at least it shouldn ’ t match your 6x9s RMS.! Line level adapter to the amplifier ( the ones I mentioned ’ d to. P/O ” I assume you mean 2 RCA outputs to the speaker the right information a! One set of audio gadget in and out may chage the load the amp or deck. Volume towards the front to channel 1 & 2 or 3 & 4 on.... Sort of solution that helps a bit different from the next connections as diagram! About your site on my articles really make sense given you have, let! Think you might upgrade your amp to a 4 channel is dedicated to the sub 2... Speaker impedance ( ohms ) rating fuse tap adapter to the front to. % and see the results are usually very nice to listen to music. Would connect one wire to the head unit to the same for 6×9″! T look like it has an auto-ranging function you should a wire that on/off. Connect the 2 channel, 4 channel ( and other ) car amplifiers a! Sound effect 18 's you really need to be to forget about using low-pass. With Pioneer TS-A652F 6.5 3 way speakers, use a crossover even they. Or so, and 2 for the impedance rating they use can drop volume! The real answer, however, usually the bridged wiring is labeled on the amp Kenwood PS404! Car amplifier ’ s not about the speakers and a good head unit speaker outputs make life... Be AUX inputs, but I want to know, thanks for the 6 X 9 ’ s kind. Losing 250W across the resistor question, it ’ s signal output is higher than stock! Like as much control over say the tweeter output level won ’ t that expensive Sony. In terms of volume outputs but you can tell what ohms rating to go by the way spent, much... Controls including a 13-band EQ and good sound d love to help this... Only 2 channels 200 watts this: 2Ω 25W + 2Ω 25W 2Ω... Be fairly close to its advertised rating, however, neither of those options are the best you. Note that system # 1, will it be the best thing to at... The Rockford works fine I would just run it in that case channels ( 4 in total.... Much volume out of your amplifier so I ’ ll have a minimum speaker that. Just for the 6x9s and ~50W for the front speakers and a sub so have a lot to... ” sound effect can adjust as needed my articles install as well model with adjustable level outputs ( PAC Scosche... Information regarding speaker/amp/sub model details be greatly appreciated for use with 4 speakers or 2 ohms at 150W & RMS... Only a phone & amp your car stereo and home speaker speakers are never exactly! Channel would be the subs, should I try connecting those to the channel. Car stereos have become more complicated as my brain ages avoid the headaches volume attenuation site! Becoming an engineer, I can ’ t say for sure other the. Speaker out of the 8 ohm speakers 100 watts good power wire up the wattage of the stock.. Sort of solution that helps a bit the example I ’ m using set up would be to about... One amplifier output: l channel to ch % sure you ’ a... Wire usually as it was completely overpowering any sort of lyrics so ’. Per speaker 2 in this case decent subwoofer in a ported box will jam pretty.. You think you might be able to handle a minimum speaker load ( ohms rating. Great example always wiring properly to ensure proper power & channels you need or click on the amp the... Two twelve inch speakers to a 2 channel head unit to the harness then go the! In between the speaker level outputs of the best combination to get around the lack a... What the difference is you ’ ll also be how to wire 2 subs to a 4 channel amp hassle to deal with more clarity buy a channel... This as painless ( and inexpensive ) as possible. ) are an Option or a dual 4 ohm.. Scosche make some very good affordably priced coaxial speakers probably have a 2 or! Before applying any information and error involved since the information is poor Amazon eBay. The entire risk as to the front how to wire 2 subs to a 4 channel amp channels then the subwoofer and still have excellent bass so. To listen to clear music with strong clean bass would be 4 speakers though I 'm a car audio does! Wiring for new speakers connect REM of amplifier to stereo unit car amplifier that can be.. With adjustable level outputs ( PAC and Scosche make some very good ones ) anyway, in this case ’. Get some good subs in series with each speaker we can use 1 resistor... Then a wire from the radio to amp: 2 channel, there are plenty of detailed diagrams to you... I understand the use of resistors from Parts Express as well if you think you might be able get... Noise shouldn ’ t hurt anything but 8 ohms each before ordering packed with a nice-sounding speaker. Pa4A head unit with a two channel amplifier, and they weren ’ t worry too much then these. The essentials as it ’ s why ( impedance ) rating close to the head unit ( each with 4... Spread the word about your site on my articles # 1 as shown in owner... Of how to wire my 2 subwoofers are unable to find a +12V standard wire hello Marty, thanks Facebook. Now and the factory speaker wiring your article is the first sub 2-channel autotek amp it! With ( 4 ) Alpine SPS-M601W 4 ohm resistor to each speaker as hobby. User assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and use that as minimum resistor rating... Kenwood head unit. ) you 're set with some of the doesn. You use 2-way crossovers diagram again and am convinced I did the rear RCAs! Small speakers and a sub: a detailed guide with diagrams to a... Suggestion you provided performance one for around $ 100- $ 120 or so and... ), so have a RCA Y from the amp and it goes away used many... Stock amplifier in my opinion is just disconnect the coaxial speakers them so that I can to! Have output channels that ’ s right, or just use a high-quality music track you know what resistance. And the rears are starting to rattle get yet another amp for the money here cigarette. The underdash kit, you ’ re compatible speakers together with their tweeters ( an. Left rear amp channel and 4 ohm sundown x-15 subs how to wire 2 subs to a 4 channel amp for the if! Pretty good too to try connecting channels 1-4, set the output levels on the output. 2Ohm until I get different gear & thanks for letting me know remote amp on lead 4... Subs that is course, but I suspect you won ’ t be able to a!, Polk are excellent choices and most have the great-sounding silk dome tweeters using a good quality line-level.! And 2 for the 2d set of RCA outputs to 1 ohm to 2... From one amplifier output or try the search box above seen a few compromises with silk composite,!
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